Listen To The Lush Dreamscape Of OKBADLANDS Dust & Gold

Listen To OKBADLANDS Lush Dreamscape “Dust & Gold”

Kate Gurren and Sally Latter are the two best friends behind the lush dreamscapes of OKBADLANDS. For their forthcoming debut EP, the Brisbane duo have teamed up with fellow Aussie Golden Vessel (Max Byrne) for the sublime first single, Dust & Gold.

Inspired by the phrase “I’m only human” and our culture’s push for perfection and the pressure it causes, the girls remind us that we have the choice to move past the forces that keep us trapped. In an interview with Yen Mag, they explained, “Beyond image, I think perfectionism extends to pressures of the mind as well. It’s really beautiful when you can be honest with yourself and others. People are made for connection and that really happens when we let go of our posturing. The song is about being cool with admitting that we don’t have it together all the time. And I think it’s truly excellent that mental health discussions are becoming more prevalent. That should keep happening.”

It’s easy to take their advice when you have their sweet soft words floating around your head, with a gentle wash of melodies hitting the shore that your feet are dipped into. Expect more unhurried and soothing vibes from OKBADLANDS and Golden Vessel in the near future.

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