Rayvin Moon Lush & Cinematic New Single Lazy Sad Jesus

Rayvin Moon Shares Lush & Cinematic “Lazy Sad Jesus”

Following her debut single, “Tyler Durden”, Hoboken-based Rayvin Moon returns with the cinematic new single, Lazy Sad Jesus.

It opens with dialogue from the classic French film, Pierrot Le Fou, translating to: rigorous design, powerful, sober lines and exclusive elegance are proof that beauty is compatible with red-hot performance. The single then launches with the driving thud of pads, sweeping gleam of synths, and Moon’s enthralling stream of consciousness vocals that grip and seize as she reminds us to identify our responsibility as human beings to be our own saviours. It twitches and twinkles with a solemn saxophone beneath the lush atmosphere as Moon guides us through the changing tides and into a greater horizon – an unexpected finale, it’s dark and urgent, saturated with the somnolent crunch of doubt’s jaw.

Speaking on the single, Moon says:

“Every single morning I think of the concepts of love, death, religion and loss; and how we as a human race need to wake up and not sleep through the revolution. The song really explores the concept of having faith in what we believe is our soul’s destiny and relying on our own flesh and blood to lead us to opulence of the mind and spirit. “

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