Slows Down Releases Majestic Chamber Pop Single On And On

Slows Down Releases Majestic Chamber Pop “On And On”

It’s not often you come by something as majestic and as talented as Alexander Hawthorne and the music he makes under the moniker Slows Down.

I keep trying to let it go
But no matter what I do
I’m without you

On And On comes off Hawthorne’s new EP, EP 3, and was recorded in isolation in his Berlin studio. Besides a few guest performances, Hawthorne played all the instruments including organ, dulcimer, drums, guitars, tanpura, glockenspiel, synthesizer and more. A warm fuzz of surf pop instrumentation lends way to Hawthorne’s weightless voice while a hypnotic swirl fills the room with beautiful chords. While Hawthorne may not be able to feel a thing, the rich textures he creates engulfs you with bliss.

EP 3 is out January 15 and pre-orders are available through Bandcamp.