Sol Drops Debut Single "Mystery" With Auralponic

Sol Drops Debut Single “Mystery” With Auralponic

Drawing inspiration from her surroundings in Southern California, Sol is a new singer/songwriter with her debut single, Mystery.

I want to be the misery you can’t live without.

The first thing you’ll notice though isn’t her radiant vocals, but the textured elements that open the track; various percussions and handclaps pave way for the lustful words that follow, thanks to Auralponic. As you get in the groove, Sol’s smokey vocals lure you in with a seductive embrace. Never pulling in too close nor quite loosening her grip on you, the pulse of a lush organic soundscape reverberates between you two. In an email, she explained, “There is an enchanting, sometimes nostalgic spirit that I hope to capture in my music. I tell my story as a starry eyed romantic with the profundity of the deepest depths of the earth. I hope to have the ability to take the smallest glimpse of a feeling or moment and amplify it to its all encapsulating potential.”

What Sol and Auralponic have created is too good to go unnoticed and I hope they continue to work together. Listen to Mystery below and be sure to follow to keep a close ear on future gems.

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