City Dreams & Reality, Cecilia Ebba's London Is Just Fantasy

City Dreams & Reality, Cecilia Ebba’s London Is “Just Fantasy”

No stranger to these pages, or my Spotify, including the wildly popular “The Most Beautiful Songs In The World” playlist, Cecilia Ebba returns with her fourth new single titled, Just Fantasy.

Originally from a small town in Northern Sweden, Ebba now resides in London; a stark difference with its overwhelming chaos. On Just Fantasy, Ebba’s love-hate relationship with London is embodied as a cold yet intriguing person who she tries to seize, grip, clutch to with desperate skinny wrists. Like previous singles, it billows with a spiralling gauze of guitars and a crash of drums, inflated with a wash of synths and layered harmonies like a dream. In the midst of these big city dreams is Ebba’s soaring vocals like a lone being surrounded by a multitude of skyscrapers, sneering and bitter.

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