TeamMate Share Anthemic Synth Pop Damage

TeamMate Share Anthemic Synth Pop “Damage”

Scott Simons and Dani Buncher are the duo behind LA-based synth-pop band TeamMate that got their start several years ago but not before dating for ten years and then breaking up, only to form a band together. Now, from their forthcoming self-titled album, the duo has released Damage.

Their convoluted and unusual relationship was a blessing in disguise as Damage is an exultant anthem with kaleidoscopic rays that filter through prisms with a brilliant shimmer, and synth-pop melodies that soar with a peak of gluttonous geraniums blossoming with summers breathe down your nape. This is the perfect pop anthem for those days where you feel like crumbling into a million pieces.

Listen to Damage below and look out for TeamMate’s album, due in February.