Telete Tackle Sexist Micro-Aggressions With Basketball Boy

Telete Tackle Sexist Micro-Aggressions With “Basketball Boy”

Telete (teh-leh-tee) is the Perth-based duo consisting of Mai Barnes & Hayley Ayres, who together make majestic chamber-pop. They’ve just released their sophomore single, Basketball Boy, which is inspired by a lifetime of experience with toxic masculinity and accompanying sexist micro-aggressions.

Recorded using a Juno 60, a cascade of glimmering synths illumined by a phantom of kaleidoscopic beauty ebbs with an underlying sense of frustration, strife, and sorrow. As lush and as pretty as this is, there’s a pain that rests in the contours. As the duo explains, “We are hoping the track highlights the enormous emotional burdens/amount of emotional labour women are expected to do, even to simply justify their own feelings – and reclaim the right to not have to do that anymore.”

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