Aaron Taylor Brings The Good Vibes With "Be Alright"

Aaron Taylor Brings The Good Vibes With “Be Alright”

Sometimes you just need a little boost. A little pep talk. A little something something to remember that ‘hey baby, everything’s gonna be alright.’ The London based singer/songwriter Aaron Taylor has released a little tune with a whole lot of groove and feel good vibes titled Be Alright.

Aaron Taylor’s enthusiasm with his soulful voice and that crisp funk make it impossible to not smile and dance on the spot. “Sometimes you need to encourage and remind yourself things will be OK,” Taylor explained in an email. “‘Be Alright’ is exactly that: an encouragement to ourselves and a reminder of a simple truth that we will all be fine in time. We may need to rebel, we may need to struggle, but we’ll be good.” Amen. Hit that repeat and get your groove on to the undeniably infectious Be Alright.

Look out for Taylor’s forthcoming project, Better Days, due for this fall.

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