Abby Diamond Drops Sultry New Single & Video For Irrelevant

Abby Diamond Drops Sultry New Single & Video For “Irrelevant”

Following her “Sorceress” EP, Brooklyn’s Abby Diamond returns with a sensual new track titled Irrelevant. 

Produced by slenderbodies, Irrelevant has a future beat base that ripples with a melodious warble and a flash of flesh. As airy vocals flutter between notes that bubble and burst, the rest rolls with lapping tides crashing between the creases and knots of your back. With the single comes a sultry Emilie Aubry directed video. Of the single and video, Diamond says:

“Max from slenderbodies slid into my Soundcloud DMs when I lived in New Orleans, back when we were both still putting sweet janky beats up on the internet. We just became friends from afar for years and would always send each other shit we were working on. By the time I moved to LA he had started to blow up, and we would just chill and write together a lot. One day he showed me ‘Irrelevant’… I have this thing that I only sing songs other people write if the words are so true for me that I feel like I could have written them. When I heard the song, I was kind of astonished. I felt everything. As for the music video, I guess it has two meanings. First of all, I made it with one of my best friends and her girlfriend, and we all had these memories of watching TV when we were younger and falling in love with the women on the screens. We wanted to bring these daydreams into form and let other people to step into them, see the world through them… (Do you feel the numbing heat of the room around you? Do you see the walls shrink as they drip into new colors?) The second way to look at it is probably a bit more accurate than the first, but I’m not going to get into it.”

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