AJAY Shares Dynamic Double Release Phantoms / Just Like Me

AJAY Shares Dynamic Double Release “Phantoms/Just Like Me”

AJAY is a 23-year-old singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist out of Philadelphia. Earlier this year he released his ‘Sun Go Down’ EP and now caps off the year with two new singles – Phantoms/Just Like Me.

With a dynamic mix of R&B, bedroom pop, and 70’s soul, AJAY shows off his musical prowess as he switches from funky pop to creamy neo-soul with a killer sax solo that cuts through the late-night ambiance.

On Phantoms, AJAY offered:

“‘Phantoms’ was self-produced, written and recorded in my bedroom two years ago. It was a rough time in my life where I had to leave Philadelphia for a year and work a day job in my hometown, Harrisburg. The lack of interaction with people I identified with (young artists and creatives) caused a morbid sense of isolation. I was starting to notice how adults can get caught up in their repetitive everyday lives and often let their social interactions be influenced by alcohol and happy hours. “…and they ain’t here to fuck with me, it’s just the hour.. buck fifty.”

“Musically, the song references the guitar tones and harmony of ‘70s soul/fusion while the bouncy programmed drums and clouds of synthy textures shout out future electro R&B. The song is two years old to me but will ironically relate to the mass angst of our 2020 lockdowns… ‘contemplate these mysteries alone.'”

On Just Like Me:

“‘Just Like Me’ was written on an acoustic guitar, just chords and lyrics, before being totally self produced from scratch in my bedroom. The chorus guitar tone is reminiscent of analog indie artists like Mac Demarco, while the dense harmony screams psychedelic Neo-Soul. The interlude and outro are blessed with sax virtuoso/mad man Jason Mescia. The hard reverby drums feel like heavy experimental hip hop while the flanged filtered bass in the refrain nods to a classic 1980’s soundtrack. The theme of my lyrics are simple… loving someone who refuses to be loved and cared for… stuck in their own cycles of self-doubt. “She’s just like me when she don’t sleep at night” hints that both parties may not be so different in their toxic habits.”

Listen to the dual release from AJAY right here.