Fredrika Announces Debut EP & Drops Cool R&B Single Too Loud

Fredrika Announces Debut EP & Drops “Too Loud”

Newcomer – but also not so new – Fredrika spent years toiling in the studio and performing one show after another, mostly as the front singer with the band Loving Embers. She’s since left to embark on a new solo path under her own name. Her forthcoming debut EP, “Under Water”, is inspired by the feeling of being under the surface, like the time she was close to drowning as a child, and the possibility of getting above to get air becomes almost impossible.

The first taste of the EP and her first solo release is Too Loud. We sometimes face the inability to concentrate and filter out the chainsaw roar of sounds, voices, and movements surrounding us, much like the sensory overload in Bangkok. Too Loud is a cool and modern R&B cut. It skitters and bubbles, trembling with an echo of a thousand thoughts and ideas. Backed by her soulful vocals, this is a welcome deep dive away from the maelstrom around us

Fredrika is also expected to release an accompanying music video for Too Loud on February 21st.