BUHU Releases Sitcom Video For La Truth

BUHU Releases Sitcom Video For “La Truth”

Jeremy Rogers is the mastermind behind BUHU – a retrospective of his ideal self and worst self where nothing is held back, and reflective of everything he wants to be and everything he never was. Last year, he released his debut LP, Relationshapes, which captures a flash-frozen portrait of the struggles of youthful love, emotional toxicity, and redemption between twentysomethings that aren’t fully formed yet themselves. There is a tidal pull within the record, balancing the darkness with a profound feeling of happiness and confidence.

Rogers just released what he’s dubbed the world’s first “video sitcom”, Leave It To BUHU, for one of his new singles, La Truth. Using footage of a boxing scene from the 1940’s film Pride Of The BoweryRogers uses subtitles to comically portray the guilt and existential dread from being dishonest with his wife which seizes him as he plunges into a ceaseless descent. As good battles evil, a hyper splinter of synths weave through a honeycomb of hypnotic bedroom pop while Rogers’ emotive vocals howl behind a thin veil of lies and deceit.

Watch the story unfold below and listen to Relationshapes through Spotify

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