Greg Wanders Will Ignite You With Swooning Wildfire

Greg Wanders Will Ignite You With Swooning “Wildfire”

Out of Bedfordshire, UK, Greg Wanders is a young multi-faceted artist that began teaching himself piano at 13, followed by other instruments and eventually producing. Now releasing his own self-produced music, Wildfire is his debut single.

Finger snaps and distant coo’s lead into sensual piano keys, the steady thud of a drum, and Wanders’ smooth hushed vocals. Instead of an overwhelming eruption of magnetic force, a light burst of voluptuous embers envelops Wanders’ through the hook. But when the final moments arrive, colourful and organic beats ignite with melodious waves in a sea of twin blazes. It’s refreshing. Swooning. A symphony of warmth and soul.

This is just the beginning for the promising Greg Wanders.

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