Liana Heats Things Up With “Good Intentions”

Liana Heats Things Up With Sensual “Good Intentions”

Quebec-based singer/songwriter Liana follows up last year’s throwback debut, On The Run, with a real melter titled, Good Intentions.

You’re all up in my head, all over this bed
I’ve got you painted on every wall
And when you leave I still see you all over me

You’re gonna need to grab that splooge towel after this one. Liana details hitting that “good love” and being left overwhelmed by the emotional, mental, physical, and all-encompassing feelings of love and the scorching passion that comes with it. “Good Intentions is a song about the infatuation, the lust and the thrill of the first moments of falling in love, except the relationship lasts, evolves and flourishes with time,” explained Liana. A deep bass crawls and struts in the dim lit ambiance with lush synths that bounce between Liana’s sensual voice, and builds into a climaxing guitar solo that elevates the track to a whole new level of ecstasy.

Listen to Liana’s Good Intentions right now.