Myles Cameron Announces New LP & Shares Picket Fences

Myles Cameron Announces New LP & Shares “Picket Fences”

Following our premiere of Myles Cameron’s Soliloquy” from his debut mixtape, “Everwanted”, the young multi-talented artist has been working on the follow-up. The first taste of the untitled project is Picket Fences. 

Inspired in part by a quote from author Zora Neale Hurston: “I feel most colored when I am thrown against a sharp white background,” and Cameron’s identity as a black suburban kid, Cameron’s soul is on display. Vibrant notes dance and bubble around a slow stutter step of percussion that sounds like it could’ve been on Tyler’s “Flower Boy”. Of the single, Cameron says:

“’Picket Fences’ was a hard song to write in that it required me to really confidently take ownership over an identity that I haven’t ever wanted to have and that always made me feel isolated growing up. As soon as it was tracked though, I knew we were on to something. The sound and themes of it have become a cornerstone for the rest of the mixtape that I’m currently working on.”

Watch the Cameron and Sam Stulin directed video right here.

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