Nyquill & Aqvol Are A Dream Collab, Share "Count"

Nyquill & Aqvol Are A Dream Collab, Share “Count”

We’ve been following Nyquill ever since we heard Absence, and since then there’s been numerous tracks that have blown us away. Numb and last years Feel Your Love are just two that stand out amongst his catalog. In recent months, his work has improved tenfold, sounding cleaner with more direction and lots of wave.

Of the countless new songs I’ve heard in the last three months, Blackout by the London producer and Florida singer Aqvol is one of the few that I still have on repeat. Since then, they’ve worked together on ssc and now their third collaboration titled Count. With a more interesting and androgynous Post Malone vibe, Aqvol’s vocals are magical silk paired with Nyquill’s mellow riding on a cloud beat.

Nyquill and Aqvol are a dream collab and deserve to be on your late night playlist.

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