Eliza Shaddad Returns With New EP Featuring Same As You

Eliza Shaddad Returns With New EP Featuring “Same As You”

Eliza Shaddad kicked off the year by releasing her “Sept ~ Dec” EP which covers different forms of withdrawal and isolation. Originally written in tandem with her 2018 debut album, “Future”, the songs focus on new and different people in her life, dealing with sex, normalcy, friendship, and craving connections.

Much like “Future”, the new EP was written and recorded in seclusion in a remote area, this time in Cornwall. “I wanted to be able to record at whim and capture the feelings and moods of these songs right in the moment, so we set up loads of gear and basically lived around it, refining and recording and refining,” says Shaddad. “We kept crazy hours and got cabin fever most days, and then went and jumped in the sea and came back to work.”

The result is three tracks with a tincture of 90s alt-rock. Standout Same As You ventures into the lo-fi with dusty instrumentation and Shaddad’s breathy emotive vocals dripping with nostalgia.