Fly Felix Shares Debut LP Ft. Tell Me That It's Hard On You

Fly Felix Shares Debut LP Ft. “Tell Me That It’s Hard On You”

Originally a DJ while in Austin, Drew Tyler would later return to his roots and produce what he calls, “Desert Rock” under Fly Felix. In 2018, he spent four months writing in a secluded cabin in Sedona before moving to LA to record his first, and just-released debut album, “The Sun Will Wake You Up”.

Tell Me That It’s Hard On You serves as an interlude and displays their use of classic recording techniques with its lo-fi atmosphere. Dreamy and melancholic with Tyler’s haunting vocals, there’s a gravitas that rests here that’ll add even more weight to what feels like an emotional record.

“The Sun Will Wake You Up” by Fly Felix is available through Spotify.