Live Well Tackles Estranged Lovers & Neck Tattoos

Live Well Tackles Estranged Lovers & “Neck Tattoos”

Paul Masbad and Max Johl started Live Well after travelling the States in late 2017 and with the addition of Matt LaPerche, Neil Stafford, and Luis Castro, they released a three-track demo in April. They’ve since written a records worth of new material and are currently recording with Ace Enders of The Early November, including the newly released, Neck Tattoos.

It’s what you think it is and more. “I keep texting my ex/ I wish you were here, you’d love this/ But the truth is you wouldn’t/ Cuz all my friends have neck tattoos/ And all your friends just ask me what I’m doing/ Without a job and an office like you,” they sing with driving drums as they launch into a frenzy of guitars like tomahawks slicing the air. This is the dance of death between ex-lovers who are no good for one another. They were a stranger and you’ve been sold down the river, cursed and lifeless.

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