Odd Postures Share Debut Single Gymnasium

Odd Postures Share Debut Single “Gymnasium”

Calvin Castellino (drums), Mark Anderson (guitar) and singer/keyboardist Matthew O’Halloran (vocals/keyboard) are the Toronto-based trio behind indie-electronic rock band Odd Postures. Gymnasium is the first single for the band, formerly known as The Corner, and finds them looking back to the nightmare that is high school and school dances. It’s a catchy slice of nostalgia that captures the highs of lows of that repressed period and now you too can re-live the horror.

On the single, Odd Postures says:

“How awkward was your first high school dance? This track attempts to bring you to a sweaty gymnasium in rural Ontario. Or instead, maybe it brings you back to your hometown. However unpleasant or joyful that may be. Was it awkward and laughable? Isolating and melancholy? Or something quite different? Were you in the middle of the dance floor or watching from the rafters?”