Slow Roar Share Gritty And Industrial Be The Bleed

Slow Roar Share Gritty And Industrial “Be The Bleed”

Rebecca Rosoff and Sonny Lanegan are the LA-based duo behind indie rock band Slow Roar who’ve just released their self-titled debut EP. “It’s hard finding other musicians who can handle the entire supply chain of music production from writing, performing, arranging, and mixing,” explains Rosoff. “In Sonny, I’d met my match in range of ability.” Together, they’ve created a project rife with grit and bloody sweat resting on the brow.

Opener Be The Bleed begins with jagged guitars lined with crocodile teeth that crunch and twist while Rosoff’s raw vocals howl from a dark chamber. Part filthy guitar rock, part industrial-pop, it cuts and moans with moody talons and a lecherous energy that unfurls, grips, and pulls you in.

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