Spiller Releases New EP Featuring The Change Of January

Spiller Releases New EP Featuring The Change Of “January”

Spiller is a Eugene, Oregon-based band who’ve just released their latest EP, “Reuben + Cold Cut” that brings flashes of American Football and Explosions In The Sky. Closer January is a slow build with a soft guitar riff alongside reflective vocals before the quiet roar of shimmering guitars heightens and swells with the ripple of seasons like spun glass. The band then hits like a volcano, still filled with eruption. Instruments spill and crash like your strangled aspirations and devoured hopes of change. The tools of change are available, but people don’t change. This is who you are. This is all you’ll ever be. Lost in the crowd with sulphur in your lungs and with the howling of the void in your belly, reducing everything to zero.

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