Torandaga Releases Debut Shoegaze Single “After Life

Toronto’s Andrew Juurinen (vocals, drums, production) and Jared Bellenie (guitar) are the duo and lifelong friends that bring their diverse range of musical experience into one force known as Torandaga, and their debut single is After Life.

The boys explore the theme of what death means to those dying and how it’s just another sensation, while those still alive experience it as a loss. On Afterlife, a twilight of kaleidoscopic embers radiate in a fog of dreamlike instrumentation, while Bellenie’s jagged guitar adds a contrast like the moment when we leave this earthly body to join the great unknown. Leading you there is Juurinen’s gentle vocals that drift with constellations, drift with sapphire nebulas, drift with man and his unholy relic, all drifting to another point where we hope a marvelous splendor of smooth flesh bathed in the ivory sun and a never-ending mountainous feast of gluttony, unlike anything we’ve seen, awaits us.

Spin After Life below and look out for Torandaga’s debut EP, Circuition