Benjamin Muñoz
Benjamin Muñoz - The Bonds That Fail Us

Benjamin Muñoz – The Bonds That Fail Us

Benjamin Muñoz is a Hamilton-based producer with an aim to make music that unites his love for classical music, jazz, the UK underground, and Japanese pop culture. His second single as a solo artist is The Bonds That Fail Us. Within the dark and downtempo instrumental, a pair of spliced vocals weave through an afflicted piano and a web of minute sounds, akin to the thoughts that run through your mind when it feels like the world is depending on you. “The Bonds That Fail Us is a tune about indecision,” says Munoz, “I made it in Bristol and was sick of bouncing back and forth between places, feeling indecisive over whether to stay or go. But ultimately, it’s about the inevitable catch 22 that underlies our relationships, how those closest to us have the most power to hurt us and vice versa.”

It’s refreshing to hear something different than what’s usually on our stream. And as good as Benjamin Muñoz’s first two singles are, we’re excited to see what he comes out with next.