XO XV XT Should Be On Your Radar After "3"

XO XV XT Should Be On Your Radar After “3”

The latest anonymous artist to keep on your radar is Canadian (Toronto or Nova Scotia) rapper XO XV XT. Although not his latest, is what initially caught our attention. One of his more laid back songs, XO‘s flow is subdued and weightless with a slick charm, making this anonymous artist all the more interesting. And while 3 is the only song produced by sidewalk, XO has been displaying his versatility working with different instrumentals and producers, from his heavy hitting earlier work to the 808 heavy 305/902 with Raava.

Listen to XO XV XT‘s 3 and another favourite of ours,  7 Robie, with a seriously dope Kelly Rowland sample, down below. And keep up with the dude by hitting that follow button. For real.