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Zuper Shares The Head Nodding “Ghostin”

Whenever we see a new Zuper on our feed, we know it’s gonna be something special. ghostin’ is no different, combining old school hip hop vibes with deep bass, it follows in the same path as Blend. The many layers of chimes and water drops create an organic and lush utopia of head nodding that you can lose yourself in. Everything just flows with such ease. But what sets ghostin’ apart from the rest of his cataloge is the dope unexpected outro. Describing it is stupid, so just go listen to it yourself. Zuper is anything but an average kid as he continues to impress with every release. This dude deserves way more attention than he currently receives.

Do yourself a favor and pick up the stupid dope Blend from his bandcamp. It was even was one of our favourite albums of last year. You can also grab ghostin’ as a free download at the link below.

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