J F L E Drops Erratic And Tension Filled Shy Lovers Video

J F L E Drops Erratic And Tension Filled “Shy Lovers” Video

Fueled by his pent up frustration and personal confusion, Shy Lovers is the new single with an accompanying video by London-based experimental artist J F L E (Joey Edwards).

Over a backdrop of acid-induced patterns that pulse with an erratic frenzy like a seething epileptic in hyperspace, Edwards’ silhouette dances with stilted movements. Plagued by inner turmoil, he moves in a restricted manner, unable to erupt and let go of the parasites that cling to his inner being. Speaking on the single Edwards says, “For me, the most exciting thing about this track is it’s so full of energy and tensions, it feels like it could fold in on itself at any moment. I see the whole thing as a violent implosion, waiting to happen.

Through several scenes filled with lo-fi tension, distorted drums clash with synths that crunch with anxiety riddled static. As the images become more frantic, so does the dissonance until the tension becomes unbearable and erupts in an electric field that feels cathartic and soothing.

Watch J F L E unravel right here.

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