Watch DANI Shares Visuals For Cruel

Watch: DANI Shares Visuals For “Cruel”

After this summer’s debut single and video for Love U More, DANI brings us another dark pop single titled Cruel.

Featuring an array of majestic black and white shots of DANI with contemporary dancers, DANI reflects on the power that was held over her while in a toxic relationship. Like a drug, the good moments keep bringing you back despite all the torment you’ve endured, like some kind of soul thieving magic. The Vancouver based artist explained these feelings in further detail:

“This song is extremely special to me.  The words were not only for myself, but intended for others who may have experienced the strange and disconnected feeling.  The feeling of wanting to make excuses for someone who you are aware, deep down, is influencing your life in a negative way.  The only person who has the power to shatter your soul but in the same breathe give you your every need and desire.  The sole person you know is not keeping their word, but you yearn to be in their presence.  Every so often you will get this glimpse of beauty from them and you just want to FEEL and relive that moment again.  That feeling of wanting to be close to someone because of the person they turn you into; this abstract dimension they bring you to is like no other!  And when that magic happens, the world around you doesn’t matter.  It’s almost drug like.