Matt Millard Announces Debut & Shares Take Me Anywhere

Matt Millard Announces Debut & Shares “Take Me Anywhere”

Ahead of Friday’s release of Matt Millard’s debut EP, Take Me Anywhere, the Birmingham singer-songwriter just released a video for the title track.

Tender, minimal notes and acoustic strums are soon joined by Millard’s warm yet melancholic vocals with the yearnful grip of another space surrounded by comfortable places and familiar faces. Written in a moment of struggle and uncertainty, the compelling single echoes with easily relatable feelings. The desire to flee from these bitter and regretful streets, or another party filled with undesirable jackals, or the yawning chasm of nothingness, routine, and adulthood where dreams often go to die. From raw to a chug of electric guitars and driving drums, Millard pleads for his dreams to return, but nevermind, take him, take me, take yourself anywhere away from here and the grinning iron axe of this cruel reality.

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