Max T Explores Our Fleeting Youth Anxiety With Palm Isle Video

Max T Explores Our Fleeting Youth Anxiety With “Palm Isle” Video

It’s impossible not to fall in love with Palm Isle by Max T, made even more futile after watching the video directed by himself and Aaliyeh Afshar.

From Montreal, Max T creates adventurous pop through kitsch samples and repurposing found sounds, all with his unique and deft touch. On Palm Isle, he explores the anxieties of getting older and the powerful curse of memory with samples from his childhood. Here, an aquarium of fragrant stars that shine and bend with a pastel aura glide amongst fleeting memories. It’s warm and comforting unlike the decay of your youth while you wither like a petulant worm as the years go fast and the days so slow. So you’ll probably really enjoy this.

For the single, Max T explained:

“The song is about idealizing a utopic place as a way to escape, and how that’s sorta flawed. Working with glistening sounds, I wanted the song to feel like entering a wistful, nostalgic dream. With the video, we really wanted to re-create this dreamy place and mood, but show how I don’t quite fit within it.”

Watch below and listen to the Palm Isle EP through bandcamp.

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