You may recognize New Machine from working on Kojey Radical’s Open Hand and Kwabs, but his journey into his own full fledged career as an artist begins with Dare 4 U.

With help from fellow UK artist, Aaron London, the duo have also shared a video that opens with a clip of Frank Zappa ripping on manufactured pop music while on Larry King in 1989. Not much has changed since and New Machine is on a mission to challenge that. Over London’s floating vocals, each glitchy pop and frenetic synth never sounds out of place amongst the old school funk notes, giving it a real a pop sentiment. In a statement to The FADER, New Machine explained, “The song and video mean the world to me. It was very important to me to try and push some sound boundaries I had not touched on before venturing into the commercial world. It’s the first video I ever shot, directed, and edited and I’m so pleased with the outcome. I shot it on my iPhone 6 in my bedroom. I give it up to Aaron for having the patience to make this with me.”

Dare 4 U is a strong first impression and one that should put New Machine on everyone’s radar.