Toronto-based avant-garde composer Nick Storring is set to release his new album, ‘My Magic Dreams Have Lost Their Spell’ later this month. It’s a collection of ethereal, labyrinthine pieces that lie on the accessible end of the experimental classical/electronic spectrum.

Storring has just released the title track which draws both name and inspiration from Roberta Flack’s chilling rendition of “Sweet Bitter Love” by Van McCoy. It’s a spellbinding piece woven with orchestral melancholy and multi-tracked instruments.

Naturally, My Magic Dreams Have Lost Their Spell is joined by a surreal stop-motion video featuring an array of fleeting images that playfully glide through multiple periods. Watch the Ellie Anglin made video here.

“My Magic Dreams Have Lost Their Spell” by Nick Storring is due out March 27th via Orange Milk Records.