Noah Slee Shares Short Film ... And So, We Move To Otherlands

Noah Slee Shares Short Film “… And So, We Move To Otherlands”

Coming off the success of his debut album, “Otherlands”, Noah Slee returns with a short film titled, … and so, we move to Otherlands. It’s a ten track story shot in four countries and tells the story of human identity and integration with a focus on the LGBTQ community and Women, through the universal language of Dance.

Featuring songs from “Otherlands” and remixes, a large cast of artists and dancers move through “Otherlands” as they weave political, cultural, and sexual strands as they provide a loud voice to the shared human struggle, and celebration. Through this compelling and transformative 15 minutes, Slee reminds us of the power and healing component of visual art, music, and dance.

Noah Slee will be in Toronto tonight as part of the Majestic Casual Tour with an impressive group of artists including some local favourites. Details can be found here.

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