Get Nostalgic With Kraków Loves Adana's Rapture Video

Get Nostalgic With Kraków Loves Adana’s “Rapture” Video

If you’re like me, you spent some time as a youngin with a cassette walkman, rewinding those songs that you grew to fall in love. Now, much like vinyl, cassette’s seem to be making a comeback. Coincidentally, Hamburg-based duo and partners, Deniz Cicek and Robert Heitmann of Kraków Loves Adana return with a new single and video for their ode to the cassette titled, Rapture.

Born in the late eighties with parents a step behind in technology, singer Deniz Cicek grew up listening to tapes, roaming the streets with her friends and headphones plugged in her ears, and even recorded her first song on one. Rapture is bred with that nostalgia with a retro-tinted minimal backdrop and Cicek’s brooding vocals, singing, “Put a cassette into the tape deck/ Gotta play it for me/ Hear the voices weep/ Let the sad poets sing me to sleep.”

‘Rapture’ is an ode to the cassette, with the walkman making music a private experience, with the mixtape reflecting romance, with its shabby sound embodying a somehow misplaced nostalgia.

In the endearing video, directed by Wy’s Ebba Ågren, the duo dance with a carefree attitude – just them and the joy of a private listening experience.

Rapture can be found on Kraków Loves Adana’s forthcoming album, “Songs After The Blue”, due April 8.

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