Watch Wy In The Fragile Video For You + I

Watch Wy In The Fragile Video For “You + I”

Following their entrancing single/video for Bathrooms, Stockholm duo Wy return with a singular love song titled, You + I.

How fitting for a duo so opposed to the idea of love songs. An idea, a pleasantry, a nicety. A fickle creature which cuts and churns in your belly. Opening yourself to another being is difficult. Thirty years later and you still struggle. It haunts you and lacerates your bowels and all you can think about is them and what you should do or say. Wy reflects on these emotions and thoughts with a tender accompanying video. Close distraught shots encapsulate the anxiety of longing and uncertainty wrapped in the sweet embrace of an understanding breast.

Speaking on the single, Wy says, “It’s one of two love songs on the album. I usually have a hard time writing love songs, but I wanted to write about what it’s like being a couple when both struggle with social anxiety. It’ about being uncomfortable around every person except one, and being each others safety zone.”

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