Queen By Flint Eastwood Receives Dramatic & Powerful Visuals

“Queen” By Flint Eastwood Receives Dramatic & Powerful Visuals

Following the release of last month’s Queen, the multi-disciplined Flint Eastwood (Jax Anderson) returns with a co-directed and edited video for the triumphant single.

Created with her friends in Detroit, Anderson and friends come together in this rally call for human rights with a focus on female empowerment. Between shots from the inside of a church to a deserted plot of land, there are dark and powerful images of a commanding Anderson standing amongst a strong cast of characters that are ready to stand up for themselves and their peers. For the video, she explained, “I wanted to create a feeling of empowerment and confidence in unused spaces. Queen is about taking charge and owning up to your own kingdom, and in a way I wanted to showcase mine.”

Watch Queen below and look out for her forthcoming Broke Royalty EP.

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