Watch Anna Renee In Addicted To Heartbreak

Watch: Anna Renee In “Addicted To Heartbreak”

Oxytocin and dopamine are just two of the chemicals that your brain releases when you’re falling in love. There’s a myriad of others involved in the lust and intimate filled journey. For Anna Renee, these feelings at their peak is her drug. Much like others however, there’s a deep crash. On Addicted To Heartbreak, she details the chase of bouncing from one relationship to the next, searching for those peaks amidst bouts of loneliness and depression.

Directed by Carla Toledo Dauden, the video follows Renee between lovers and the inevitable crash that finds her dancing in a neon paint lathered frenzy. Whether it’s the feeling of love that she’s addicted to, or her inability to love herself, is debatable. Either way, Addicted To Heartbreak is a dynamic and dark electro-pop single with an unforgettable hook.