Watch Sunshine & the Blue Moon - Sunshine & Lucy

Watch: Sunshine & the Blue Moon – Sunshine & Lucy

Sunshine & Lucy is the lead single by Toronto outfit Sunshine & the Blue Moon off the soon to be released album, Welcome To The Future. Blending their influences of blues and folk to 60’s rock and soul with some 90’s flair, the easy going summer tinged grooves breeze through the tall grass you’re sprawled out on. Beer, pizza, cigarettes and good friends, all nearby. They’ve also released an official video, explaining:

“I’m a bit of a sap, I love the idea of Love. Is there true love? Do we create this love based on instincts or fantasies, or is love itself an instinct? I don’t mind any which way, I’m just happy to have experienced, or at least to have witnessed it. I wanted to try to capture that with a warm music video shot on film, giving the impression of a long lost burgeoning romance captured on warm film, maybe found in a dusty box, on a dusty shelf somewhere, to be viewed with a smile, as a reminder, a vignette of the very thing that drives us.”

Watch the video below and look out for the September 16 album release.

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