Interview ST3PH Drops Video For Babylon Ft. Karl Williams

Interview: ST3PH Drops Video For “Babylon” Ft. Karl Williams

Quick off the release of BabylonST3PH returns with a slick video for the Karl Williams featured single. Shot in East and West London, the Billy directed video captures the duo cruising through Babylon as their surroundings deal with the intruders.

Watch the video below along with a few words from ST3PH about the visuals.

What was the inspiration?

Growing up in London. Having experiences of youth clubs and Babylon once upon a time helping the youth. Which has with time changed into an environment where that same energy is non-existent, agendas are pushed through media, corruption exists, the government ain’t here for the majority of people and the worst thing about it is… the people are getting fooled.

Can you elaborate on some of the imagery used?

The imagery points towards culprits who may or may not be pushing the agenda of Babylon. Babylon is to do with mindset and running it out of town in a figurative way.

Where was the video filmed?

Video filmed in East London Hackney and West London near Grenfell.

What was your favourite part of the process?

Favourite part of the process was the creation of the initial sound. Just because there was a mad connection with me and Karl when the term Babylon was thrown into the ether by one of us over the beat. It resonated deeply. Even spiritually.

Any behind the scenes stories you can share?

Behind the scenes – this tune wasn’t going to come out. Was made in 2018. Me and Karl even played a game of blackjack just before Christmas 2019 to see who would get to push the song out, Karl won. But somehow it ended up back in my hands and the rest is what happened in history.

What do you have planned for this year that you can let us in on?

The year ahead… I’ve got a single dropping 14th May 2020 called ‘Spaced Out’ which is a TRIME original track. I will also be Dropping ‘TRIME 2 EP’ sometime in September. Beyond that, I also have a few shows planned for the summer and of course more releases with Karl. #dmsk