Bravery Cat Release Dexedrine Consumed EP Apocalypse Meow

Bravery Cat Release Dexedrine Consumed EP “Apocalypse Meow”

Carlo Meriano (guitar/vocals), Michael Mcglennon (guitar/vocals), Brendan Haig (bass/vocals) and Sarah Keshen (drums) are the quartet behind Toronto garage-rock band Bravery Cat. Earlier this month, they released their latest EP titled, Apocolapyse Meow.

Fusing their distinct styles, Apocalypse Meow is a quick burst of 90’s grunge and 70’s punk. Fuzzy guitars crawl through Dexedrine consumed mud, wailing about the absurd, personal issues, politics, and mental health. With a little bit of everything, it’s a dynamic soundscape that includes amazing lines like “Don’t go in the water/ I’m a fucking shark!” How can you not love this? Listen to the EP below while you eat the shrieking blood from the carcass of a crocodile.

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