Digvalley Teases New LP With I Gave You Love, You Kept on Dancing

Digvalley Teases New LP With “I Gave You Love, You Kept on Dancing”

For the past year, Norway’s Digvalley (Eirik Bøen Gravdal) has been toiling at his debut album, VOID, recording sporadically between Liverpool, Iceland, Oslo, Bergen, London, Berlin, Vrådal, and his hometown of Odda. He’s now released the first taste of what to expect next month with I Gave You Love, You Kept on Dancing.

Inspired by an intense break-up, Gravdal’s fresh wounds throb in the ambient soundscape of an astral void that emanates with sulfuric despair. A gradual build saunters forward as the evanescent harmonies yearn for a time that is lost into the oblivion with a hypnotizing force, singing “I gave you love/ You kept on dancing/ Wouldn’t it be good if we gave in/ Gave it all to faith and sin.”

For the premiere with Impose Magazine, Gravdal explained the recording process:

“‘I Gave you Love, You Kept on Dancing’ was the hardest song to finish on the upcoming album. And definitely the one that was in the works the longest. I was sitting in a cabin in rural Norway when I first started processing it. Parts of the percussion I processed on a flight layover in Copenhagen. Finished the rest in a studio in Berlin, on the second floor of the largest refugee camp in Europe. Until I ended up back in the cabin to finish off the final vocals. It was quite a journey, and it reflects the track.”

Listen below and look out for Digvalley’s VOID on March 24.

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