Off his forthcoming LP titled Ilah, Emay explores his development and growth as an artist trying to make it in the industry, and his struggle with being a Muslim. On the lead single, Israfil “Angel’s Trumpet”, the Hamilton based artist draws inspiration from the Islamic Israfil; an angel that blows a horn to signify the beginning of the day of resurrection. Touching on his difficult upbringing, hustling in the music industry, and searching for a purpose, “better to die a disobedient slave, I’d rather live for long term and not immediate gains,” he spits, “do a hundred shows for nothing but a meagre exchange and become the robitussin for a feverish game, I proceed to restraints, try to tap into my tapestry, what I’m portraying is havoc at full capacity.”

To the march of a straightforward beat with horns by Aaron Hutchinson, Emay proclaims with resiliency that it’s his time to shine. Expect to hear more of his story when he drops his self-produced LP later this year.