Crywolf Stares Into The Void With The Haunting "Cephalotus"

Crywolf Stares Into The Void With The Haunting “Cephalotus”

Cephalotus (or “C E P H A L Ø T U S”) is the final single of the year from Crywolf (Justin Taylor Phillips) and a taste of what’s to come on his new album due sometime next year.

Inspired by a carnivorous plant that looks like it’ll fuck your shit up, the single is dark and atmospheric with a mysterious otherworldly moan. Phillips takes us to that tomb of anguish that rests on the back of our eyelids with the acrid scent of shotguns and sulphur. When will the dream end? This is no dream. It’s an inextinguishable nightmare. A hopeless abomination. A sunken crater of lies chewing on the cold fat of your belly.

“‘Cephalotus’ is a song about my entire life, in a certain sense,” explains Phillips. “A descent into darkness, into chaos; into sweet, beautiful doom. It represents my complex and often deadly relationship with the shadow place in my unconscious mind – that dark, wet womb of the void from which all birth and death bloom.”

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