HWYS Search For Paradise On Bliss

HWYS Search For Paradise On Groovy “Bliss”

On their first release, long time friends and music partners HWYS introduced us to their “unassuming electropop chillwave postmodern fantasies” with Stranger. Their follow up is Bliss, a groovy ride of pulsing synths and thumping percussion. Over HWYS‘ soft hazy vocals, these pulsing synths build tension on the search for paradise. Luring you closer and closer, the hypnotic percussion kicks in and Bliss explodes into an exuberant dancing frenzy. “Let yourself go now, what have you got to lose?” they sing as you lose yourself in the moment, seeking your own private paradise.

Look out for HWYS’ debut EP titled Beaches, dropping August 26 through Lisbon Lux Records.

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