Callum Pitt Looks To The Future With Rabbits

Callum Pitt Looks To The Future With “Rabbits”

Newcastle’s indie-folk-pop wonder Callum Pitt is on a roll. First, with the uplifting You’d Better Sell It While You Can, then the brilliant embrace of Least He’s Happy (which I wrote about but lost due to my broken backup and my own stupidity). Rabbits is Pitt’s latest to feature his signature finger-picked riffs and soaring falsetto. With the warm blush of guitars and emotive piano keys, Pitt evokes Bon Iver’s concept of ‘creature fear,’ which is the idea that our future possibilities are endless, and many of them are inevitably shitty and are coming at us fast. Instead of letting paralytic fear, anxiety, and neurosis govern us, annihilate it and dive into the endless unknown with wide jaws and eternal laughter. We’re all just rabbits in the headlights.

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