Crooked Weather Seek Their Love Through Rabbit Holes

Crooked Weather Seek Their Love Through “Rabbit Holes”

Crooked Weather is a Hull, UK-based folk band with infused rock elements. Their last official release was in 2014 but have since been touring the globe while living a nomadic life. From these emotional and physical journeys, the people they’ve met, and the places they’ve laid, they’ve now shared their first new single titled Rabbit Holes.

A single strum leads with Will Bladen’s husky vocals that plead you to stop from slipping away and are joined by ethereal harmonies, followed by the wistful Holly Blackshaw. A rumble of drums builds from the spleen and into a driving vessel. A swell of harmonies and interweaving acoustic and electric guitars billow under the silver afternoon. “’Rabbit Holes’ was written surrounded by nature, by the open window of a run down Cornish farm house after a period of listening to a lot of The Tallest Man on Earth,” explains Bladen. “The song follows the path of someone yearning to reach their love who has gone to a place that can’t be followed. Although they both want to be together, the desperate efforts are seemingly in vain.” Under the gloom of these trees and the sunken streets, their perfume saturates the shadows of the foundations of your scenery. Untouchable. Unreachable. Incredulous solitude and abject horror. The crimson anguish of your loneliness is unbearable.

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