Listen To Lewis Bootle's Charming Folk Song The Seed

Listen To Lewis Bootle’s Charming Folk Song “The Seed”

Lewis Bootle is a Ware, UK based singer/songwriter with the ability to tell brilliant stories with a charming level of seriousness and humour.

On His latest single, The Seed, he details a possible new relationship and all the knicks and knacks that come with the anxiety, but here there is no anxiety. Just the delightful descriptions of being in the home of your potential or new flame that is instantly relatable like, “I study carefully your sunny memories with people I don’t know at all/ In a room that resembles you, been assembled through all the things you found as you stumbled through.” With his sweet folk-infused charm and the gang vocals at the end, your heart will warm and swell, and you may not notice, but the edges of your lips will curl at the side of your face.