ALX&R Wants You To Put Your Hair Up In Two Braids

ALX&R Wants You To Put Your Hair Up In “Two Braids”

One of the newest and hottest acts that has caught our attention is the hometown boy, ALX&R. First with the BEVSTMODE released Frontseat produced by another super dope hometown artist that goes by rare.

Keeping pace with a consistent release of music, Two Braids is the Mississauga based artist’s new cut and it’s caked with the filthiest lyrics you’ll hear in a long time. If you find it difficult to listen to them though, it’ll be due to the xany coated instrumental with a late night wave shrouded in deep bass. The only thing to shine through the wave is ALX&R’s grimy vocals and debaucherous words.

Put your hair up and do not sleep on ALX&R.

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