Arona Mane Drops Funk Mixtape, "2096:Retro/Future"

Arona Mane Drops Funk Mixtape, “2096:Retro/Future”

You might be familiar with Arona Mane from his Hermitude remix for Ukiyo or the Nas sampled Ain’t Hard To Hell. Now, the Sydney based artist has compiled his catalog of remixes, bootlegs, and originals into a mixtape titled 2096:Retro/Future.

At 10 tracks deep, Mane blends his love of golden era hip hop with funk and gives each sample new life as he twists them with his flare for cuts and energy. “2096 refers to bringing the golden age of hip-hop into the future. ‘96 is widely regarded as the best year in hip hop, which saw the release of some of the now classic albums from Jay-Z, The Fugees, Snoop, 2Pac, Nas, Outkast and The Roots,” he explained, “Musing these greats, I wanted to present an actual body of work very early on, in an effort to introduce my sound in a bigger way. The electronic music scene is generally dominated by artists who release single after single, which is cool, but since I was a kid, I’ve always fallen in love with artists because of their albums as a whole – I want to deliver that feeling with my music.”

Listen to the high energy and funky 2096:Retro/Future below, and throw it on the next party and watch everyone collectively hit the dance floor and lose themselves in Arona Mane.

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