Bad Poetry Club Drop The Triumphant Victory Lap

Bad Poetry Club Drop The Triumphant “Victory Lap”

Last November, I shared Tonio Sagan’s wondrous Stranger Than Fiction and now the talented artist finds himself back here with his hip-hop collective, Bad Poetry Club, featuring Michael Wilbur (Moon Hooch instrumentalist), Honeycomb (beatboxer, producer), and Sotorios (Political Animals frontman), and Sagan himself. Their latest single is Victory Lap.

“All we do is win,” begins the song with a triumphant air of energy. In a vast wasteland of generic hip-hop, Victory Lap feels fresh and dangerous at the same time. The raw and filthy instrumental is joined by slick rhymes, captivating beatboxing, and a wild horn that wails with boisterous delirium. For those who haven’t listened to Bad Poetry Club before, this is the perfect intro.

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